Samba Diallo’s African Dance Programs:  Educational University, College, and K-12 School

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NGOWA:   K-12  Cultural Experiences

N'Gowa is a traditional word from the Baoule tribe in Cote D'Ivoire meaning music and dance time, and also commonly known as "play time." In this program, students will learn about the country of Cote D'Ivoire and the greater region of West Africa. They will study under our professional artists. Our diaspora includes traditional performances with live drummers and dancers, who bring knowledge of both Cote D’Ivoire and the continent as a whole. Student will then answer a few questions and have the opportunity to be on stage with us. The fun part is the performing of our wonderful teachers in front of their students.They love this.

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Our K-12 Program.

ANOUANZE:    University and College Programs:

Anouanze is a traditional word from the Baoule and Gode tribes in Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast, West Africa) meaning reconciliation, a peaceful agreement, speaking from the same heart, and a joyful celebration. Founder Samba Diallo believes that:"Through cultural art and education we can better understand others." In one stage production, the program offers traditional African masked dancers, drummers, and an acrobat stilt walker. We are available for residency programs, workshops, and master classes.

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College & University Program.

AYOKA:  Communities & Touring Programs

Ayoka is a traditional word from the Bete and Dida tribes in Cote D'Ivoire, meaning “Hello” and “Thank you.” Ayoka is also translated as "the one who brings joy." In other words, ayoka is the deepest regard and honest compassion that one brings in times of sorrow, happiness, or grieving. Founder Samba Diallo believes that: "We can lift up someone just by the meaning of our word. Sending joy to others day by day is also a blessing for us." In our one stage production, the program offers traditional African masked dancers, drummers, and an acrobat stilt walker;"

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Community Program.


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